Screenwriter - Ken Miller

Missing In America is based on "The Woodcutter," a story by KEN MILLER, who also co-wrote the screenplay. A retired career Army man, Ken was a demolitions expert in the US Army Green Berets for six years before attending flight school and graduating as a Warrant Officer. He then served in Vietnam as a helicopter gunship pilot in the famed
"Wolfpack" platoon of the 281st Assault Helicopter Company in support of Project Delta, a classified Green Beret operation. As the senior fire team leader for the 281st, Ken developed innovative gunship techniques that were instrumental in the advancement of gunship tactics in Vietnam. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for placing his crippled gunship between insertion aircraft and the heaviest enemy fire in an attempt to shield the off-loading troops. He was also awarded two Bronze Stars for valor.

After returning to the United States, Ken served as a basic training company commander, a Green Beret "A" team leader, the commander of two aviation units, the Director of Personnel and Community Activities where he supervised four hundred civilians, an instructor for The School of the Americas where he taught Airmobile Operations to Central and South American soldiers, and as a member of a Soldier Development "think tank," earning him a Meritorious Service Medal for outstanding performance.

After retiring as a major in 1983, Ken and his family settled in Washington State where he worked as a farrier until an on-the-job injury forced him to seek other interests. His writing career began in 1991 when he published a technical book entitled Have You Kicked Your Horseshoer Today? which sold both nationally and internationally. One of Ken's seventeen screenplays won the 1998 Washington State Screenplay Competition held in conjunction with the Seattle International Film Festival.

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