Director/Writer/Producer - Gabrielle Savage Dockterman

An award-winning producer, director, writer, and editor, GABRIELLE SAVAGE DOCKTERMAN is the founder and President of Angel Devil Productions, Inc., where she creates moving, gripping films that enlighten. Prior to developing feature films, Gabrielle produced and directed many award-winning educational interactive media projects.
Her specialty is creating engaging stories that provide a context for learning. Her critically acclaimed CD-ROMs and videodiscs are used in thousands of classrooms and dozens of museums around the world. Her work has been funded by major grants from the National Science Foundation, the US Department of Education, and numerous museums, corporations, and publishers.

Gabrielle was the Executive Producer of Rainforest Researchers, an interactive CD-ROM shot on location in Indonesia, developed with scientists at Harvard University, and published to schools by Tom Snyder Productions (a Scholastic company). This interdisciplinary, dramatic adventure highlights the scientific and social issues facing the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. On a remote jungle island off of Sumatra, she and her crew climbed 150-foot trees in primary forest, where shamans still use medicinal plants to treat their sick. In a unique collaboration, she and the scientists and crew involved also functioned as the cast in the story, along with the native Mentawai people. Rainforest Researchers won the prestigious Codie Award, the ITVA Golden Reel, the Technology & Learning Award of Excellence, the NewMedia Invision Award, and a Parent's Choice Award.

Gabrielle also served as Producer, Director, and Editor of Minds-On Science, a multimedia series for classrooms commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution, where it is on permanent display at the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. Gabrielle directed over 70 actors in these dramatic narratives. Her other school projects include the best-selling interactive video adventures, The Great Solar System Rescue (winner, New York Film Festival, and the Technology and Learning Award of Excellence), and The Great Ocean Rescue (Teachers' Choice Award from Learning Magazine).

For television, Gabrielle was instrumental in developing the Avid editing technique that made possible the unique "Squigglevision" animation style proprietary to Tom Snyder Productions. This formed the basis for Tom Snyder Productions' animated series, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist on Comedy Central. Dr. Katz was named a Top Ten Show by TV Guide in 1997, went on to garner two Cable ACE Awards, an Emmy, and the Peabody Award. She was later a script consultant for another award-winning Squigglevision series, a Saturday morning cartoon comedy on ABC, Science Court, starring Paula Poundstone.

In the 1980's, Gabrielle was Vice President of Production and Design for Digital Techniques, an early pioneer in multimedia. Under her direction, her team created some of the first interactive video touch-screen exhibits, including a series of groundbreaking exhibits for an international consortium of museums.

Gabrielle has served as guest speaker at SIGGRAPH, the Nebraska Videodisc Symposium, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and elsewhere, addressing the use of interactive computer graphics and video in educational environments. She was formerly on the review board of The Journal of Computing in Higher Education, as an expert on TV media and the use of technology in grades K-12. Gabrielle is an honors graduate in engineering and computer science from Harvard University, and a Thomas Alva Edison Scholar. While at Harvard, she also studied acting under Jeremy Geidt at the American Repertory Theater. Missing In America is her feature film debut.
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